About us

Faulty appliance could create numerous inconveniences for the consumer and our company with its efficient fleet of technicians. Our technicians are highly trained professionals and they are qualified and certified undertake repair work on all major home appliances.

Breakdown of home appliances could pose numerous problems for you and the situation would warrant immediate attention to rectify the situations. Your lifestyle or professional commitments may not spare you the time to enquire around for an effective home appliance repair services.  At such times New York Appliance Repair Company is there to rescue you from the dilemma and a simple call will bring our technician team instantly to your home or business to give you solace.

Gas leak in oven, reduced cooling of your AC or a drainage fault in your washer could occur any time and without any forewarning. Home appliances are complex mechanisms and repairing them yourself would be impossible without the technical knowhow. You will need expert help and we are here to provide it for you at very reasonable prices round the year 24 x 7. All our technical personnel are trained in various factory environments where major home appliances are manufactured hence proper diagnosing of faults is relatively uncomplicated for them. The in-depth knowledge of various electrical appliances enables them to quickly find and rectify fault without much time waste.

We have been providing efficient services to New York residents and commercial setups for many years and our company has carved a niche for itself in the field of home appliance repair, replacements and installations. Our services are highly appreciated by our customers due to the effectiveness of our repairs and the promptness with which we act. We always work to the convenience of our customers and provide them with pre-repair estimate of the repair cost. This we do free of cost and we also do not ask our customers to pay extra to attend emergency repairs.