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Office Policies

  1. We will strive to see you the day that you request to be seen whether it is the day you call or some day in the future. This obviously will not always be possible but we hope we can accommodate your request 95% of the time.
  2. We will accomodate your request as above to see either Dr. Zemerli or Dr. MacDougall or Dr. MacLeod.
  3. If possible we see walk-ins but would definitely prefer for you to call first for an appointment. This enables us to give you the best time with less waiting and it is more considerate of others.
  4. Please don’t let your issues “build up” to try to minimize the number of your visits to the office. This creates longer waits for the other patients. We certainly don’t restrict all visits to one issue but we would prefer to deal with issues as they arise.
  5. Please bring all pill bottles or blister packs to your visit. This is very helpful for us to look after you. A list of your meds is not as useful.
  6. We work in a collaborative practice. Some things you may only want to tell the physician and we respect this. However for the most part we would like you to mention all issues with the family practice nurse prior to the physician seeing you.
  7. We will call with any urgent lab work,xrays,etc.. Otherwise, we expect the patient to book an appointment after the test to discuss the results. Non-urgent abnormalities will be discussed during the follow up appointment.
  8. Remember to call 811 when we are not in the office if you would like to speak to a nurse. This service is available 24/7.
  9. Generally we prefer to examine patients who are in hospital gowns; this really does lead to better care. Therefore please oblige our staff when they request this;our staff are trained to suggest what type of dress is most appropriate given the medical issue.
  10. We don’t phone in presciptions generally. During the office visit we will endeavour to give you the amount of prescription that would be sufficient to last you to your next suggested visit. Truly infirm patients are an exception. Otherwise when you request a phone in presciption, if we can do this, we will bill you $30.00 because we do have to review your chart, make chart notes, etc. Also remember that you are always welcome to come in to the office for this presciption.
  11. Drivers license forms, insurance forms, msi pharmacare forms, etc are not paid for by MSI and therefore we have to charge something for this.
  12. Missed appointments result in other patients not getting in to see us at that time and therefore we will have to start billing for missed appointments for which we are not given enough cancellation notice or for which there was no good reason to miss the appointment. We do hope that this policy will result in less wait time for our patients.

Our most important goal is to look after you and we will do our very best to achieve this. We feel the above is necessary to achieve this.

Non-Insured Services

Service Fee
Non-insured injectables (e.g. vaccinations for travel). $10-20.
Physical (if not insured by MSI). $75.
Medical advice by phone/letter or email. $20-50.
Removal of wax from ears. $25.
Phone-in prescription renewal (any age but infirm patients exempted). $30.
Sick notes. $25.
Insurance company forms. Varies per form.
Canada pension disability. $50.
Proof of child immunization. $10-20.
Special authorization forms for medication, equipment, or services. $20-30.
Driver's license. $75.
Liquid nitrogen. $10 per visist.
Missed appointments without 24 hour notification. $30.
Photo copy charges per sheet. 25 cents.