Our Services

Our renowned services are available day and night and you can call us at any time when you need the following services.

Freezer and Refrigerator Repair

Improper cooling or leakage could render your refrigerator in effective and this will make it difficult for you to keep food items fresh. This is an emergency and our technician will attend and address the issue immediately in response to your call.

AC Repair

Air conditioning units are essential home appliances to keep the temperature under control and a breakdown will cause numerous discomforts to the occupants of a home. Decreased cooling efficiency or breakdown of the unit is unpardonable during hot weather conditions and you will need immediate attention to get them back to running. Just call us and our EPA certified technicians will immediately rectify the fault and restore the cool comfort you urgently need. We also undertake installation of new AC units.

Oven Repair

Your faulty oven can burn your steak at very low temperature or might develop gas leakage. These are major concerns and you will need our efficient services to remedy the situations. Our experienced technician will get your oven in working condition in no time; all you need to do is call us.

Washer Repair

A defunct washer would accumulate considerable wash load and great amount of inconvenient for the user. Our home appliance repair technicians are very adept in repairing all kinds of washers, whether it is top loading or front loading.

Dryer Repair

We repair all kinds of dryers and just call us at our hotline services and we will be at your door step to help you.

Dishwasher Repair

A clogged drainage system or motor burnout will pile up unwashed dishes and it is essential to get it repaired otherwise your kitchen will become defunct. We are capable of repairing all major dishwashers such as GE and Bosch and our company technicians are qualified to undertake these services.

New York Appliance Repair Company when showing great commitment to customer’s home appliance woes does not over charge them. The services offered by us are easily affordable and we give prompt and effective appliance repairs to dispel customer inconvenience.